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Christ-Centered Education

PCA Plano schools are ACSI and Cognia accredited and provide a nationally recognized Christian education program that places great value on students' spiritual development in addition to academic and cocurricular excellence. Our holistic, individualized approach to education enables students to reach their highest level of achievement and become all that God has created them to be and accomplish all He has planned for their lives.

Did you know?

Sitting in our classrooms today is the next generation of doctors, lawyers, business owners, executives, teachers, pastors, politicians, moms and dads. They will impact their families' culture as well as that of their church and community.

How does PCA aspire to train students?

At Prestonwood Christian Academy, we are committed to diligently training students to have depth in their belief system-- a belief system that transfers over into their daily lives. What could be more important than the spiritual and scholastic formation of your child's heart and mind? You can read more about what makes PCA different here!

Our Academic Distinctives

We know that our children are being stretched, nurtured and prepared for success in this earthly life, and more importantly for eternal life with Jesus Christ. I can think of no greater investment that my husband and I can make in the lives of our children.





The Prestonwood Christian Academy Plano 2024 graduating class of 149 received more than $17.1 million in college scholarship offers and have matriculated to universities near and far. Total scholarship offers from 2002 to 2024 amount to a total of $202.6 million. Our Alumni community is now 2,519 strong, each one equipped to shine brightly for Christ.