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Academic Strengths

How does PCA excel in academics?

Prestonwood Christian Academy provides a rigorous college-preparatory program based upon each student’s individual needs. The curriculum integrates a biblical worldview to enhance and reinforce core knowledge while encouraging Christian virtues. The curriculum is built around the classical education of absolutes and time honored ideas of human culture, emphasizing the Great Works of Western Civilization.

Learn more about some of PCA's signature academic programs which set the school apart!


STEM provides students with a cross-curricular integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Communication Arts

The Communication Arts program seeks to inspire and prepare students to be creators of meaningful messages.

Lions Scholar Program

The Lions Scholar Program is designed to provide an intense study of Western Civilization through literature and biblical worldview training.

Future Problem Solvers

Future Problem Solving Program International allows students to utilize skills to compete in a competitive setting that includes the best and brightest students from the State of Texas.



The Senior Capstone is a culminating activity that serves as a conclusion or a wrap-up to one’s education and training at PCA.

Learning Lab

PCA's established Learning Lab program enables the school to meet the diverse educational needs of each student while equipping the whole child for life from a biblical perspective.