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What is Senior Capstone?

The Senior Capstone is a culminating activity that serves as a conclusion or a wrap-up to one’s education and training at PCA. It is understandable that one of our school’s final projects for the senior class is intricately linked to the PCA Portrait of a Graduate. The very nature of this interdisciplinary project (English, History and Bible), which includes reflection on the five elements of the Portrait, emphasizes the premise of authentic Christian education. The research, compilation, and writing process should affirm students’ ability to think critically and creatively, to make reasoned and biblically based decisions, and to communicate effectively.

Capstone Components

Capstone allows my student to express their deep understanding and appreciation of PCA's Portrait of a Graduate.

PCA Parent


I truly believe our children are getting an education beyond the bounds of books that allows them to follow through with the 'Great Commission,' while getting an amazing academic education.

PCA Parent