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Comp Cheer



2020-2021 Competitive Cheerleading Squad

Team Photo - Coming Soon

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Competitive Cheer Team Accomplishments

Our Competitive Cheerleading goals include the following:

  • To perform state of the art cheerleading techniques, while maintaining Christian standards, being "contemporary without compromise."
  • To promote and require academic excellence among cheerleaders as well as all other athletes
  • To encourage and promote creativity and enthusiasm with a "be the best that you can be" attitude.
  • And most important of all, to give our Lord Jesus Christ pre-eminence in all we do.
Prestonwood Christian Academy Competitive Cheer builds PEOPLE before PYRAMIDS.


Competitive Cheer Roster

Athlete Year
 Mishka Arredondo 2023
 Riley Birkenholtz 2023
 Alexandria Bishop 2021
 Makena Bonsukan 2025
 Charlotte Carpenter 2021
 Carly Clayborn 2024
 Rebecca Criner 2025
 Katelyn Cross 2023
 Lauren Doty 2023
 Shemaiah Floyd 2022
 Jaylie Geyer 2023
 Robin Goodwyn 2026
 Cara Henrie 2024
 Emma High 2022
 Reagan Hofstadter 2024
 Mia Kloeber 2023
 Rachelle Lafayette 2022
 Claire Lambert 2023
 Sofia Little 2024
 Julia Martin 2021
 Kaylee McCrary 2021
 Emerson McNeff 2025
 Sydney Nack 2023
 Gabriela Oliver 2025
 Lillian Olsen 2021
 Laura Poole 2023
 Avery Rayman 2023
 Parker Reese 2022
 Emme Reid 2021
 Reagan Robinson 2026
 Sarah Rodgers 2021
 Eleanor Schutz 2021
 Kristen Smith 2025
 Anabelle Sparks 2023
 Laurel Sparks 2023
 Brooklyn Trout 2021
 Elizabeth Warren 2023
 Malia Williams 2026
 Kambell Wrona 2021
 Karson Wrona 2023
 Jocelyn Zenarosa 2023


Comp Cheer Schedule

Comp Cheer Head Coach

Krista Godbee

Contact Coach Krista Godbee

Cheerleading has been part of Coach Godbee's life for the past 29 years. She began her cheerleading career with Spirit of Texas, now known as Royalty and Cheer Athletics Panthers. Coach Godbee was with Spirit of Texas for 13 years as a head coach for A Team, Royalty and Royal Guns. She was then elected the 2014 USASF Coach of the year and has won 6 Gold Medals, 12 Silver Medals and 3 Bronze Medals at The Cheerleading Worlds competitions. Coach Godbee was featured on a documentary series on FloCheer: Making the Grade, and has judged and choreographed internationally. Krista became Cheer Director at PCA in 2000 and has led the cheer program for the past19 years. Under her leadership the Comp Cheerleaders have won 10 NCA National Championship titles. Coach Godbee is also responsible for all pep rally and sideline choreography for the Spirit Cheer program.