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Wall of Champions

The Wall of Champions in Prestonwood Christian Academy’s Gateway Plaza was built to honor those athletes who excelled in the arena of athletic sportsmanship and to also honor two who have gone before us who knew what it meant to be true champions for Christ.

Each of the 22 State and National Championship teams and our Individual State Champions are honored with a plaque on the Wall with the names of players, coaches and trainers etched in commemoration. Of the many names engraved on the Wall, those who laid aside self and fought for a cause much greater than themselves have earned a place there. The names of players, coaches and trainers who fought through adversity to defy odds and gain a title have earned a place there. And the names of individual champions whose desire for excellence and dogged determination to rise above all circumstances have all earned their place on the Wall. They are the names of champions, whose stories are now legends and whose names now carry a legacy.

Among the plaques of the championship teams and individuals, you will also find bronzed memorials to PCA student Connor Cruse and PCA Coach Wade McLain … two Lions who departed this world leaving huge footprints and permanent impressions on the PCA community as strong warriors for Christ. No doubt that they are watching from heaven and saluting those who are now celebrated with them on the Wall of Champions.

In honor of the Champions listed on the Wall, please consider a gift to help fund the plaques on the Wall of Champions.

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as unto the Lord rather than for men.”

Colossians 3:23