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Biblical Worldview Institute

Why do we have a Biblical Worldview Institute (BWi)?

One of the most distinctive elements of Prestonwood Christian Academy is the school’s intentional focus on developing a biblical worldview. Biblical Worldview Institute was created to give students, faculty and parents the opportunity to think critically about Christianity around the world! It helps us understand our response to a broken, fallen world through the lens of God's word.

"Attending BWi is very important for our school! We love how a challenging, diverse and solid Biblical Worldview is contrasted against our current cultural norms, which in turn inspires our students to think biblically about the social difficulties they face each and every day."

Paul Du Feu- Campus Pastor- Longview Christian School


What training does BWi provide?

Prestonwood Christian Academy has created a two-day training seminar called the Biblical Worldview Institute (BWi)  covering important categories such as Christian Ethics, Heritage, Mindset/Discernment, Creation vs. Evolution, Current Cultural Trends, Doctrine and more! It has grown to be one of the premiere Worldview student training conferences in the United States with over 2000 students attending and watching livestream. Parents and guests are encouraged to attend every November.

Watch Past BWi Speakers Here



My favorite thing about PCA is the biblical integration into the curriculum, leadership, vision of the administration, caring for the students and professionalism of the teachers.


The focus on biblical worldview teaching and the heart the teachers have for my student is my favorite thing about PCA.


BWi 2021

November 9-10, 2021
Tuesday and Wednesday

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Want more Information?

Email Mary Carl Finkelstein
Director of Projects


Dan Panetti serves the PCA community as the Director of Worldview.

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