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What are our endowment funds?

Endowment funds are gifts that keep giving. The funds are invested by PCA and the gains generated by the investment are used to support PCA's teachers, curriculum and student accessibility! You can read about all of our endowments on the right side of the page!

Last Fiscal Year Performance

For the Calendar Year ending December 31, 2020, total PC endowment pool assets increased $602,865 from $4,008,124 to $4,610,989.  Total return for the PCA endowment pool was 12.13%.  Additions to the PCA endowments during this period totaled $280,733.  Distributions from the PCA endowments totaled $144,000 in support of PCA programs.

Founded in 1979, The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparency, fundraising, and board governance. Prestonwood Christian Academy is a proud recipient of this accreditation.