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PCA Fund

About PCA Fund

The PCA Fund provides crucial support for our school by addressing our immediate needs across all areas of campus. Donations to this fund in the 2022-23 school year enabled us to enhance student learning opportunities, meet departmental budgetary needs, and provide faculty training and campus security. The impact of the PCA Fund touches every aspect of our school, ensuring that we continue to provide the highest quality education and support to our students and faculty.



Your Gift's Impact

By investing in the PCA Fund, you are demonstrating a commitment to the value of a Kingdom education and supporting our mission to train the next generation of Christian leaders. Your generous gift makes a significant difference in the lives of our students, faculty, and entire school community. We are grateful for your dedication to Prestonwood Christian Academy and the impact your support has on our school's continued success.

Margin of Excellence

Any gift, no matter the amount, means everything to us here at PCA. Whether it is $5 to $5,000, we want people to partner with us to grow our students academically and most importantly, spiritually.  The PCA Fund goes above and beyond where tuition doesn't to create a margin of excellence to enhance the student experience. Whether you are a PCA family or just feel led to give to further Kingdom education, your gift will have eternal impact.



Visit the link below to see if your employer will match your gift to double your donation today!



Founded in 1979, The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparency, fundraising, and board governance. Prestonwood Christian Academy is a proud recipient of this accreditation.